Residential House 2016 - Ghent

© Photo: Pieter-Jan Eggermont

Green interiors

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"An interior has to be beautiful, warm and cosy. It also has to be comfortable. As an interiorarchitect I live by the principle of combining aesthetic and comfortable design choices. It's my duty and conviction to improve your living conditions."

°Beautiful and comfortable

Pieter-Jan delivers, as an interior architect, services for all interior related projects. Ranging from furniture to a small refurbishment and large exhibitions. In an enthusiastic way he develops the project and offers the services which are required for your project. An interior is the sole space in which we live and work for 80% of our time. With this in mind Pieter-Jan designs for people, people and their desires.


Pieter-Jan also teached interior design, at the Rotterdam Academy.

Residential House 2015 (Collaboration)

© Photo: Pieter-Jan Eggermont


FelixArt Museumbalie
Textured wall
Pieter-Jan Eggermont




°Interior Architecture

Pieter-Jan is interested in vernacular architectural design, where interior and spatial projects in general are designed through the idea of textures, natural materials and colors. Natural products have an tremendous quality. Not only as a technical aspect but also within the aesthetic parts of the material. As an interior designer I focus on these qualities of beauty within the material.

Using vernacular design methods makes sure an interior is designed with proper techniques. In many cases we  as designers try to use a lot of conventional ways of  combining materials, like glue. But as we see in vernacular architecture, most of the time it's not needed to use glue, or even screws to combine materials. I think Japanese joinery is the best example of this idea.


Pieter-Jan Eggermont holds a Master in Interior Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, KULeuven in Ghent. He participated in 2015 in an exchange program (Erasmus) within the Master in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan.

I started this master program to really learn how to influence an interior, how do you make it better? What are the technical, but more important the human aspects of a design.

At the KU Leuven I got all this social aspects of the design. At the Politecnico di Milano, as the name suggest, I got the technical background to develop and design a building.

As always, in collaboration with others it's possible to develop and perfection these skills. But also to discover and learn new abilities. I got the chance to work with Koen Meersman, who's an artist making systematic two and three dimensional structures. With BC Architects I got the chance to get an insight in earth and chalck plaster architecture. And with Asli Cicek I got the opportunity to work at the exhibition of Europalia in the Bozar of Brussels.

Work with Koen Meersman


Pieter-Jan developped projects in collaboration with

Asli Cicek

°DIY services


One of the great things we can do is develop and create "things". There are endless possibilities, but sometimes it’s not so clear how to build the "thing" you designed. As an interior architect I help you and your creation to become real. With the help of technical drawings and support your project will be done in no time!

Light and Bright Interior





Green interiors

to be lived by You

The green design services allows you to create within an existing place a green environment. It makes spaces more healthy and productive. This services includes tips & tricks for the green interior, possible applications of green walls and green rest spaces within a work or living space. This services is a hands-on application of interior design. The full extent of the service can be discussed for every individual project.

°Green design services


°Full design services

The full service package is intended for refurbishment of your house or work spaces. We start of by researching your needs. Usually this includes a lot of meetings and creating an inspirational mood board. The first pre-design will be made and further developed trough sketches, 3D rendering (or photorealistic computer images), and if required a scale model. This will be discussed and adjusted if needed. Once the design is finalized the design will be put in executional plans.

From here you can choose to "do it yourself" or  to let me help you find the right people for the job.

°3D Modeling

Your project is finished? Or you want to have an idea of what it will become? I make your physical model or computer 3D model for you. Your plans, your ideas and creation will become reality.

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